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Picture of a Carpenter Ant
Since our inception in 1981 we have specialized in Carpenter Ant elimination. If you are having a problem with big black ants, chances are you've got Carpenter Ants. These ants do not belong to a carpenter's trade union and hey do not carry a tool belt, but nevertheless they can be quite destructive.
Carpenter Ants are interested in building galleries or tunnels in wood. They seem to prefer damaged or wet wood but they also will make their nests in sound wood...
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Arachnophobia or not?

Coming in for a landing

Do you have a Spider problem?

A primer of Wasp control

Spiders are among the most feared and hated bug around. The gamut of emotion is somewhere between arachnophobia and live and let live. The balance lies somewhere in the middle of these extremes. In fact studies have shown that spiders rank second only to snakes as far as the fear factor. The spider walk is what many define as creepy, and it's secretive nature adds to the anxiety... If ants are considered the infantry, then wasps are the air assault of Spring.
As a rule, these relatively slow-moving flyers are somewhat beneficial since they exterminate other insects. However, the benefits are diminished the moment you get stung. (I have personally been stung twice by these creatures in what I felt was without provocation. In fairness, I must say they are not as bothersome as yellow jackets.)...

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