Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees

What looks like a bumblebee but has a jet black abdomen and
hovers around eaves and other wooden fascias? Carpenter bees
are very interesting creatures. Usually people start seeing
them hover about mid-May.

Carpenter bees are destrucive wood boring insects. They bore
about a 1/2 in. hole and then continue tuneling about 1 ft.
without breaking throuth the face of the wood. Carpenter bees
lay their eggs at the end of these galleries packed down with

If you have a wood sided home you may be able to find these
holes by both the sawdust and the pollen which tends to stain
wood surfaces.

The hovering of individual bees trying to attract mates gives
an ideas of the breadth of the infestation. Treating the
galleries is the best solution for controlling these pests.

With the popularity of wood homes in some areas this pest has
been thriving in northeastern Ohio.

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