Carpenter Ant Specialists

Since our inception in 1981 we have specialized in Carpenter Ant elimination. If you are having a problem with big black ants, chances are you’ve got Carpenter Ants. These ants do not belong to a carpenter’s trade union and they do not carry a tool belt, but nevertheless they can be quite destructive.

Carpenter Ants are interested in building galleries or tunnels in wood. They seem to prefer damaged or wet wood but they also will make their nests in sound wood.

If you have seen Carpenter Ants through the winter seasons then you can quite sure you have a nest in the house. Most often we find that people have both an exterior nest and an interior one. Those ants then go back and forth between the inside and the outside nests. This activity generally is observed by the homeowner; at this point, action against the ants should be taken. The usual kind of insect spray will not solve this problem since it fails to get at the root of the problem; the ant nest.

So what should you do? Call us. We will give you a free estimate, and explain our pest control elimination. We are a family owned business. You get the benefit of the owner doing the actual work. Plus we guarantee our work for one year. If you have problems with ants during the year we will do any of the needed treatment at no further charge, guaranteed.