Carpenter Ants

If you have big black ants ranging from about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch then their is a good chance that you have carpenter ants. We receive more inquiries into carpenter ants than any other pest.

Since theirs is the habit of dwelling in and excavating wood, they were given the common name of “carpenter ant”. It should be noted that carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood
rather they make these smooth galleries to nest in. The workers are highly polymorphic, that is, they vary greatly in size, ranging from 6mm to more than 10mm. The differentiation
in size is one of the best identifying factors for this ant.

Carpenter ants usually start becoming active in the spring. However, if you have carpenter ants through the winter you can be sure that the nest is in the structure of the house.

Carpenter ants can be difficult for the homeowner to eradicate. In fact we have specialized in eradicating this pest and we are still learning about it’s movement through a structure.

Usually but not always the main nest is on the outside of a structure. Carpenter ants then exchange workers from the outside to the inside of the structure . In northeastern Ohio
our experience has shown that most residences have both an interior and an exterior nest.

Elimination will involve the eradication of both the interior and exterior nest. It is important that the technician has as much experience as possible. As an owner operated business my
25 years of experience is a benefit in eradicating this pest.

Carpenter ants may be found feeding around the garbage. They especially like a substance produced by aphids called honeydew. They will also feed on proteins.

Carpenter ants like wet areas of the basement, kitchen, and bathroom. Wet wood provides them with a pre-softened nesting site which they can excavate. On the exterior they can be
found on infected trees and wood piles.

Observation of the movements of this ant can be very helpful in the elimination process. You should be sure to relate to us all the information you have.

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