German Cockroach

he German cockroach is known as the survival machine. The ability of this pest to survive is legendary within the pest control industry. However, in more recent years integrated
pest management known as IPM , which looks at the entire spectrum of conditions that are conducive to infestations and seeks to mitigate them has had a positive effect on

This pest makes up at least 95% of all calls that relate to cockroaches to Professional Exterminating. This is the central pest that restaurants want to eliminate and prevent.

The german cockroach is more active species than the others: produces more eggs per capsule , usually about 30 to 40 and 48 at maximum. The female carries the egg capsule until
hatching in about 50 to 60 days. More females are produced than males insuring a population explosion if left unchecked.

This cockroach goes from nymph to adult in about 3-months. Everything about cockroaches is pretty gross.

What cockroaches do

They regurgitate what they eat, unfortunately in large infestations this odor is recognizable to the Pest Control Operator or PCO.

Their feces and transit across surfaces makes them unsanitary. This is especially important in food preparation areas.

To go from egg to adult a cockroach goes through a series of molts the exoskeleton gets discarded. In recent years it has been implicated as a problem to people with asthma or certain allergies.


We are glad to say that at Professional Exterminating we have had excellent results eliminating this pest.

Everything starts with a complete inspection of house, restaurant or business. A course of action is then proposed. IPM is key to the success of our program.

We treat all restaurants with this pest in mind. So whether you have a restaurant, business or a house. Call us.