How we’re different

The most important qualities when choosing a pest control professional are knowledge, experience, and results.

Knowledge is important in that the pest control professional needs to know the habits of a particular pest. Knowledge of the biology and life cycle of the pest is also important in the overall process. A good pest control professional should know the time of year in which the pest becomes active and its potential for disease, discomfort, and damage.  He will need the proper control measure whether it is bait or a proper chemical to be used or physical things that should be removed, replaced, or sanitized.

Experience is the process of taking what we know and using it in real life situations. It is important to make the distinction between how long a company has been in existence and the actual experience of the pest control professional that comes out to visit your home or business. Since we are owner operated, I have over thirty five years experience. My experience has been my greatest asset and even though I have personally serviced thousands of homes, I still learn because every house or business is a little different.  Starting in 1981 we were one of the first companies to offer pest elimination. Since then many other companies seem to have jumped on the bandwagon with poor results.

Results are what everyone who calls us is looking for. A tenacious determination is what is needed as well as knowledge and experience. We understand this and bring this determination to every job. We have come through for our customers and they have enthusiastically referred us.

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