Rats are perhaps the king of the pest control rodent world. Most people have a natural fear of rats. They can carry many diseases but most notably the plague known as “Black Death”
which killed an estimated 25,000,000 people in the 14th century Europe and Asia. The disease was spread by the rat flea.

Rats should not be tolerated and a comprehensive program for a residence or business can eliminate your premises from rats.

Rats have rather poor vision but their senses of smell, taste, hearing and touch are highly developed. Suspicion of new objects seems to get greater as a rat matures. Rats are
commensal rodents that live readily with man. Rats as you might suspect eat whatever man eats. Restaurants can usually find them dumpster diving.

Rats are not the nibblers that mice are and may return several times to a bait source. Rats have no natural enemies and their population in major urban areas usually outnumbers
that of people. New York City is a legendary stronghold for these rodents.

Most rats in northeastern Ohio are Norway Rats. This rat is known also as the brown, wharf and sewer rat. In nature the rat has a life span of 6-mos. to a year. The young reach
sexual maturity in as little as 10 weeks. A female may produce from 2 to 20 young per litter. A yearly average would be 3 to 6 litters containing 6 to 8 young. The number of litters and the number of young in each is dependent on the food supply, age and condition of the female, competition and temperature.

Rat burrows are dug in the ground for nesting and shelter purposes. Finding these burrows is always a plus, however, an integrated management program of baiting will also give the
desired result.

If you suspect rats at your home or business.